Washoe  Saloon & Millionaires Club

Friday night Meet & Greet 6pm-9pm

Friday Night Millionaires Club Investigation

Aug. 7th 2020 9pm-11pm / 11pm-1am


 The Old Washoe Club was built in 1862, during the heart of the silver rush. Originally built as an office building, it later housed a saloon on the first floor, as it still does to this day. It was one of the few Civil War era buildings to survive the great fire of 1875, and this fact led to its history being forever altered when the newly established “Millionaire’s Club” relocated after the fire from its original home across the street to the Washoe Club’s second floor.


The Millionaire’s Club was where the newly rich and elite of the ‘Comstock’ could rub elbows, drink in excess, gamble, and cavort with ‘soiled doves’ away from the riff-raff of the wild and wooly streets below. Many of the most powerful and notable men of the era were known to grace the spiral staircase that led to the upper floors, including Ulysses S. Grant and honorary Millionaire’s Club member, Mark Twain.


112 South C St Virginia City, NV 89440

Delta Saloon


The Delta Saloon, established in 1875, is home to the "suicide table" where heavy gaming losses led to more than one gambler taking their lives in the height of the mining and milling period. One “Black Jake” reportedly lost $70,000 in one night before turning a gun on himself. The next victim was an unnamed second owner who was "unable to pay his losses," so the official record doesn't verify whether he committed suicide or was cashed in by his angry creditors.

The table was "stored from some years because no one would deal on it", but apparently it was too much of an investment to outright destroy. In the late 1890s, someone converted it into a "21" table, and its cursed history seemed to have been forgotten, until…  one stormy night a drunken miner wandered in and had a wild streak of gambling luck, winning “$86,000, a team of horses, and an interest in a gold mine. Everything the owner of the table had in the world." As a result of his losses in this world, the owner promptly departed for the next....


18 South C St., Virginia City, NV 89440

Bonanza Saloon

Fri-Sat-Sun Aug. 7th-8th-9th 2020

Friday & Saturday Night Seance

10pm-2am Paranormal Investigation


The hard life and good times of the Comstock are remembered throughout town in its many saloons, and The Bonanza Saloon is one such location. Known for having the Miles Long View off the balcony behind the bar, it is also known to be very haunted by those who have worked within its walls.  No other type of business dominates the landscape of this historic mining town, where there once were as many as 115 bars and saloons. Many saloons have maintained their 19th century appearance and stepping through their doors is like stepping back in time. The history and secrets that wait to be unlocked in this rarely investigated location just may provide the experience of a lifetime. Hang on to your hat, because this one is going to surprise you…


27 North C Street, Virginia City, NV 89440

MacKay Mansion

Sat-Sun Aug. 8th-9th

10pm-2am Paranormal Investigation

Built in 1860, the Italianate-style mansion was once the home of one of Virginia City’s “silver kings” who made his fortune on the Comstock Lode -- the first major discovery of silver ore in the US. Wander through the restored rooms of John Mackay’s old home -- now a museum -- and you may not find yourself alone. When Johnny Depp stayed at the mansion while filming Dead Man, a little girl dressed in all-white paid him a visit. Others have heard her playing in one of the upstairs rooms … and have also spotted a colonel sitting in the kitchen … and a woman making endless rushed trips up and down the stairs, crossing off items on her eternal “to-do” list.

129 S. D Street, Virginia City, NV 89440

Silver Queen Hotel

Sat-Sun Aug. 8th-9th

10pm-2am Paranormal Investigation

Stroll back in time and enjoy a unique adventure. Spend the evening in a 134 year old hotel that offers 28 beautifully restored rooms. Each room features its own built-in bathroom, including a shower or an authentic claw foot bathtub. We are located in the center of Virginia City and are a ghost hunters delight.

28 N. C Street, Virginia City, NV 89440