Suicide Table Seance 2020 - Special Event



Who's ready for a very special event?? Last year was an amazing event for the Virginia City ParaCon, and this this year will be no different... World renown Psychic/Medium Hollywood White Witch Patti Negri will be conducting two 1 1/2 hour séances at the world famous "Suicide Table" in the Bonanza Saloon. First one is Friday night Aug. 7th from 9:00pm-10:30pm and the 2nd Seance being held Saturday  Aug, 8th from 8pm-9:30pm. Come meet the spirits at one of the most haunted locations in all of Virginia City!

According to legend, the Suicide Table was somehow responsible for the deaths of three people who took possession of it. It is an old bank table dating from 1860s, and the curse is directly connected to gambling. Each of the people who died also lost substantial sums of money. Two of the victims are said to have killed themselves, but one of them may have been murdered. After all, violent arguments over cards happened frequently in the western frontier…


During our séance Patti hopes to unlock some secrets and mysteries surrounding the Bonanza Saloon and Suicide Table. There are only 30 seats available for each time slot for this amazing event, so act fast  and don't miss your chance for a once in a lifetime experience!               

                                                 Bonanza Saloon - 27 C St - Virginia City, NV 89440

Friday Aug. 7th 2020 from 9:00pm-10:30pm

Saturday Aug. 8th 2020 from 7pm-8:30pm


Friday Aug. 7th 2020 - 9pm-10:30pm

Suicide Table Seance - $45.00

Saturday Aug. 8th 2020 - 8pm-9:30pm

Suicide Table Seance - $45.00

Ticket sales are final - no refunds given unless the event is canceled